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Social and Environmental Projects
in Madagascar


The emergency relief programme aims to assist communities living in the deep-south of Madagascar who face extreme drought, food insecurity and environmental challenges. The project employs thousands of villagers on a day wage using a "money for food for work" scheme, and mobilises them to stabilise dunes, excavate water basins and plant trees. The project enables people to buy food during the annual hunger gap whilst also bringing long term benefits for land management, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

New Project - Flood relief in Androy 2011 with Anglo Malagasy Society
(PDF 750 Kb)
Flood relief in Androy 2011 - Speadsheet Annex (PDF 12Kb)

Emergency Relief - Project Description

Emergency Relief Programme - Factsheet 2012 (PDF)

Emergency Relief Programme - Final Report 2010 - 2012 (PDF)

View the films:

Andranosinike - Water Ditches (1)
Andranosinike - Water Ditches (2)
Andranosinike - Water Basins
Afondralambo Dune Stabilisation
Belemboke North - Reforestation
Belenboke Summit - Reforestation
Sivey Tree Planting - Reforestation
Dam Projects

Watch three slide shows about the ALT Emergency Relief Projects:

SlideShow 1 - ALT Relief - Dunes Coast

SlideShow 2 - ALT Relief - Stabilising Amboñaivo

SlideShow 3 - ALT Relief - Forestry