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Andrew Lees
ANDREW LEES (1949-1994)

Andrew Lees (1949 - 1994) was a scientist, conservationist and one of the world’s top environmentalists who became Director of Campaigns at Friends of the Earth. He successfully led a number of high profile international campaigns and went to Madagascar in December 1994 to research a proposed Rio Tinto ilmenite mine that threatened to eradicate unique littoral forests in the south east of the island. He died whilst filming in the forest of Petriky.

The Trust was set up in his name in 1995.

Andrew believed passionately in empowering people to find their own solutions - whether it be for environmental, social or personal development. The main remit of the Andrew Lees Trust reflects that larger purpose and the example of Andrew"s inspirational work with local communities.

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As part of its ethical and social responsibilities, and in honouring Andrew's legacy, The Andrew Lees Trust (ALT) has endeavoured to maintain a focus on, draw attention to and amplify the voices of local communities in southeastern Madagascar faced with rapid development and social and environmental challenges brought about by the Rio Tinto mining project, which became operational in 2005. In so doing, The Trust has collaborated with community representatives, international NGOs and researchers to collect testimonies, help publish and disseminate reports, assist legal representation of mine affected communities, participate in shareholder action, present information at public meetings and talks, and lobby the company directly for improved communications and compensation practices.

The Trust adopts an ethical stance to the Rio Tinto mining project in Madagascar;

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On the negative impacts of Biodiversity Offsetting on local communities 'New Frontiers, New Tricks' at Friends of the Earth, 8th April 2017, See:

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