The Legacy: From Learning to Leadership



Since its inception in 1995, the Trust has worked to provide opportunities for local people to learn new skills, enhance their capabilities and lead local social and environmental initiatives in Southern Madagascar. Supporting the launch of a local environmental training centre, the Centre Ecologique Libanona (CEL), in 1995 in memory of Andrew Lees was the first step.

In 1999, the Trust went on to develop its own field programme and, by listening to local advisers, field team and partners, the Trust was able to respond to communities' social and environmental priorities for improved food security, natural resource management, and access to information, communications and non-formal education.

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Local Ownership

An important part of the Trust's work has been its commitment to local ownership and the strengthening of local civil society. This has included provision of equipment, funding, training and other forms of capacity building to local media (FM radio stations), farmer associations, community "radio listening groups", rural enterprises, and local NGOs and associations. For example The Trust's 'Project Radio' handed over five fully equipped regional radio production units to its partners in 2009, together with networked production capacity, training and assistance for the transition to local ownership in 2009.

This commitment to local ownership was manifested most profoundly in the Trust's responsible exit from Madagascar in 2009 - 2010 with a full handover to the Trust's local Malagasy team, supporting their transition to an independent Malagasy NGO, Andry Lalana Tohana (ALT Mg).

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Learning from the experiences of Andry Lalana Tohana (ALT MG) through constant dialogue, and whilst in equal partnership for Emergency Relief and Village Voices for Development programmes, the Trust reviewed and renewed its strategic objectives in 2015. The resultant GroundSwell vision reflects and reinforces the Trust's commitment to strengthening civil society, promoting human rights and supporting locally led action for change.

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