Responsible Exit

THE transition to a local Malagasy NGO

In 2009, The Andrew Lees Trust realised its long-term strategy to hand over to its local team, and helped them launch as an independent Malagasy NGO, Andry Lalana Tohana. The Trust accompanied the team during the year-long transition with funding and mentoring, following a three year preparatory process for a responsible exit.

The Malagasy team also benefited from ten years experience of working on the Trust’s field programme in Southern Madagascar, with all the accompanying technical and management training, and consequently brought significant specialisation and skills in food security, local community engagement, Communications for Development (C4D) and livelihoods to their new organization.

Since 2009 Andry Lalana Tohana (ALT MG) has successfully developed and deployed its own strategic programme focused on poverty reduction, and delivered a range of initiatives from famine relief and food security, communications and media projects, to launching a local training centre for young people.

ALT MG possesses an excellent track record of working with international donors including UN, EU, and World Bank, as well national funders such as Tany Meva. The Trust continues to provide assistance to local NGO Andry Lalana Tohana to meet its strategic and organizational goals.