The ALT UK Team


The Andrew Lees Trust (ALT UK) is a UK charity with a primary focus in Madagascar. The Trust has been a virtual organization since 2010. It minimises running costs in order to maximise benefits to Madagascar.

It is largely volunteer staffed, and its Trustees draw on their deep-rooted connectivity with the life and work of Andrew Lees, their significant experience within the global environment movement and other scientific disciplines in order to ensure the Trust’s rigorous operational and ethical standards.

The Trust’s Director has a background in communications and project management, with emphasis on social enfranchisement and stakeholder engagement, and brings more than twenty years experience of Madagascar to her role. 

The Board of Trustees

Mary Taylor, Chair (Former Senior Researcher, Friends of the Earth).

Anthony Long (Senior Expert at the Global Governance Institute at the Free University of Brussels).

Mike Childs  (Head of policy, research and science at Friends of the Earth, and currently leading the three-year Big Ideas research programme).

Christine Orengo, FRS (Professor, University College London).

The Director

Yvonne Orengo, MBE 

The Company Secretary

John Parker

Financial Assessors

Natural Numbers Ltd

Volunteers and Collaboration

The Trust enjoys working collaborations with researchers, lawyers, NGOs, agencies, individuals and professional service providers from around the world who lend their support, volunteer their time and offer solidarity with the people of Madagascar. The Trust is profoundly grateful to all the individuals, entities and donors who support its work. Special thanks to: the Aldama Foundation and the Oak Foundation for their financial assistance.