Water Contamination PPT Presentation

QMM floating dredge on the mining basin

La presentation est disponible en Francais ici : CLIQUEZ ICI

On the 4th August 2021, a joint online presentation was delivered by Publish What You Pay Madagascar PWYP MG) , Dr Steven Emerman of Malach Consulting and the Andrew Lees Trust (ALT UK) to share the results and findings of studies related to the water contamination issues around the Rio Tinto QMM mine in Mandena, southeast Madagascar. The presentation included findings from the PWYP MG community study (2020) and recent analysis by Dr Emerman of the QMM wastewater report ( March 2021).

The recording of the event is not available publicly (due to audience permission limitations) but requests can be sent for access to the recording to : info@andrewleestrust.org

The Powerpoint is available to view online (French language only) – see click on link above

Wetlands where QMM mine wastewater is discharged

More than a dozen Malagasy Civil Society organisations attended the presentation as well as representative of the Office National Office for the Environment (ONE) in Madagascar.

The Trust welcome questions from civil society actors in relation to the studies it has commissioned from Dr Emerman and Dr Swanson.

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